• 600x600


  • Hand pump powered
  • Sprays up to 15 feet
  • No batteries necessary
  • On board measuring cup

Green Garde Sprayer gallon

Earth–friendly pump-up sprayer

Made from recycled materials, this traditional 1-gallon garden sprayer is hand powered; just a few pumps produces a strong spray. Brass nozzle adjusts from mist to stream. Thumb trigger locks or continuous spray. Kink-free 3 foot hose extends reach up to 15 feet. Supply tube filter reduces clogging. Buy one for Spray-N-Grow products, another for insecticides, weed killers or other products. Includes handy measuring cup. Assembly required. 1-year warranty.

Buy 1 sprayer.......$19.95 each
Buy 2 sprayers.....$17.97 each

Green Garde Hudson Sprayer

How to use assemble the Green Garde Hudson Sprayer


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