Spray-N-Grow Makes Me Feel Happy, by Derek Fell


Though I have written more than 50 books on all aspects of gardening, it is vegetable gardening that is closest to my heart. In recent years several products have helped me grow better vegetables. For example, the discovery of a durable inexpensive drip irrigation system made from recycled automobile tires has been a boon, for it not only frees me from the whims of Mother Nature and relying on natural rainfall, it saves time over setting out sprinkler systems or watering the garden with a garden hose since the flexible drip hose can be buried under mulch or black plastic, and water applied to the root zones of plants at the turn of a faucet.

The most important revelation, however, was the discovery of Spray-N-Grow. Though I am an ‘organic’ gardener, using lots of nutritious garden compost on my vegetable garden, and applying Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer (made from seaweed concentrate) at the start of every season, it is the Spray-N-Grow that produces the vital boost that allows me to grow ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ lettuce bigger than a steering wheel, 1000 ‘Early Cascade’ tomatoes from two plants, 3-lb ‘Striped German’ heirloom tomatoes, 10-inch long ‘Big Bertha’ peppers, and the most flavorful carrots, beets, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes and turnips I ever tasted. I use a knapsack pump-action sprayer that holds three gallons of liquid, and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes, using one fill-up, to spray the main plot, which is approximately 16 feet wide by 30 feet long, repeated at two week intervals.

I grow vegetables at my home Cedaridge Farm, in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, not only to eat and evaluate for articles I write, but also to produce photographs for seed catalogs and seed packets, books and magazines worldwide. From the middle of April to the end of October the gardens at Cedaridge Farm are open to the public. We welcome garden groups, by appointment, and we also invite individuals to come on two open days during the growing season (usually the second weekend in June and the second weekend in October – phone 215-766-0699 for more information). Though we have more than 20 ‘theme’ areas, including a swamp garden, woodland garden, wildflower meadow, perennial borders, stream garden, cutting garden and cottage garden – all filled with flowers that we also feed with Spray-N-Grow – it is the vegetable garden that always seems to impress visitors the most because of the health, bounty and vigor that is evident.

Spray-N-Grow recently sent a television crew to Cedaridge Farm to film some testimonials for a show, and the interviewer asked me what Spray-N-Grow meant most to me. Without hesitation, and with no exaggeration, I said it makes my life happier, and because of that I feel a kin-ship with everyone who also uses Spray-N-Grow. It’s true! When I can grow such beautiful vegetables and beautiful flowers and see the pleasure in the faces of visitors who come to stroll through the garden, it makes me very happy, and when someone identifies themselves as a Spray-N-Grow user, we are instant friends! The fact that the vegetables taste good when harvested, and the flowers fill our home with joy throughout the year, seems just a bonus!

Derek Fell is North America’s most prolific garden writer and garden photographer. He grows giant vegetables and spectacular flowers, using Spray-N-Grow, but most of all it makes him happy.

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