What Are The Organic Fertilizers That I Use?

During the 33 years that I have been an Organic Gardener, the cost of obtaining various organic fertilizers has increased. The price of chemical fertilizers has also increased. Using organic … (read article)

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Plant Nutrients: Why Foliar Feeding is the Way to Go

The most common method of providing nutrients to plants is through the roots. This is done by placing nutrients in the soil at the base of the plant or through … (read article)

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Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer: Premium Ingredients = Amazing Results

Grass needs good nutrition for proper growth, to be green and healthy.  Grass requires three macronutrients:  nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these nutrients plays an important role in plant … (read article)

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Calcium: Essential for Bountiful Garden Harvests

As plants grow, they develop new cells with sturdy little walls that define the boundaries of that cell, corral its contents and separate it from its neighbors. Roots, stems, leaves … (read article)

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There’s a Monster in the Garden (hopefully)

There’s a select group of gardeners who have a deep seated desire to grow big vegetables, fruits and flowers. Okay, maybe “big” isn’t the right word. Giant. Monster-size. A number of award winning … (read article)

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Use Different Fertilizers for Different Plants – Fact or Fiction?

We get lots of phone calls from customers asking about fertilizers. Here are a trio that surface again and again, identified as Fact or Fiction.   Fiction – Orchids and African … (read article)

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Use Fertilizer and Spray-N-Grow Together

Many gardeners who buy Spray-N-Grow for the first time think that it’s a fertilizer. Spray-N-Grow is not a fertilizer. Spray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex. It contains the minor elements or micronutrients required by plants … (read article)

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Healthy Plants Begin with Healthy Soil

If you were trapped with insufficient food and water, could you be your best? How about if there was little light, dusty stale air and not enough room to grow? … (read article)

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Why Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is Perfect for All Your Plants

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is an all-natural, fish based fertilizer, formulated by Spray-N-Grow founder Bill Muskopf and horticulturalist Jack Little, for use with Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients. Bill and Jack formulated Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer so that home gardeners would … (read article)

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How To Tell When to Fertilize

Just like us, plants need nutrients. Give them good nutrition – fertilizer (plant food) and supplemental Spray-N-Grow (plant vitamins) – and they’ll grow and thrive. It’s estimated that less than 50% of … (read article)

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