Why I Garden

It’s so hot in Rockport, Texas that both the people and the plants are wilting. Because my plants are all in containers, watering is always a daily task. Now, it’s … (read article)

7/10/2017    Garden Design

Knee High By the Fourth of July

The fourth of July always reminds me of my grandfather, Bill Stewart. He was a farmer in Marissa, Illinois. He raised a few cows and grew soybeans and corn. The … (read article)

7/5/2017    Uncategorized

When Something Goes Wrong In The Garden

My spring vegetable garden was doing very nicely. The tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers, all planted in containers, were growing taller each day. The plants were green, pretty, and … (read article)

6/2/2017    Gardening Know-How

Beauty is in the Eye of the Gardener

Since moving to Rockport, Texas to join Spray-N-Grow full time, I have gardened at three different homes. The first two were traditional homes with massive live oak trees in the … (read article)

5/1/2017    Garden Design

How to Build a One Plant Cucumber Trellis

I love our Elevated Garden Planters and have two on my patio. The 22” tall bed has three peppers, two oregano plants and marigolds (to discourage bugs from eating my … (read article)

4/3/2017    Garden Design

The Gardening Tip I Learned From My Oregano Plant

I planted my fall tomatoes in early November. It was very, very late to plant them but the fall was brutally hot, especially in October. I added some Greek and … (read article)

3/22/2017    Gardening Know-How

You Can Garden Anywhere

Welcome to my gardening Blog. I am Melanie Lyon, Bill’s oldest daughter. There isn’t a time in my life that I don’t remember gardening with someone in my family. Of … (read article)

3/6/2017    Starting Out