Life After Harvey

Spray-N-Grow is located in the beautiful small town of Rockport, Texas.  Rockport took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey early Saturday morning, August 26. The Spray-N-Grow offices and warehouse were … (read article)

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Hurricane Winds & Floods Bring New Plant Life

If you live in an area affected by one of the recent hurricanes you have likely noticed some new arrivals in your lawn and garden. Strong weather events such as hurricanes and … (read article)

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Arbor Delay

A friend of mine recently got me thinking about fruit trees.  Robin and I are next door neighbors with adjoining backyards and a mutual interest in growing food; we quickly … (read article)

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It has been very hot, dry, and humid here in Rockport, Texas, this summer. My garden friends and I have discussed how much in minutes and how often to water … (read article)

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My Grandpa Green, a farmer, only had one arm and hand which he could use. My Dad was born in 1916. By the time he was 10, he and his … (read article)

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It is late July and the only vegetable growing in my garden is about 25 feet of okra. The other 6 ½ rows are bare except for a few weeds. … (read article)

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The Hand that Stills the Barley

Off the west coast of Scotland, the southernmost of the Inner Hebrides, lies an island whose economy relies almost entirely on the availability of a single crop. Barley is the … (read article)

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After 35 years of organic gardening and 10 years of battling root knot nematodes in the sugar sand of the Texas coast, I have had a major discovery and success … (read article)

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Why I Garden

It’s so hot in Rockport, Texas that both the people and the plants are wilting. Because my plants are all in containers, watering is always a daily task. Now, it’s … (read article)

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Knee High By the Fourth of July

The fourth of July always reminds me of my grandfather, Bill Stewart. He was a farmer in Marissa, Illinois. He raised a few cows and grew soybeans and corn. The … (read article)

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Here it is the middle of June and what do I have growing in my garden here on the Texas coast? We are having 10 hours of sunlight with the … (read article)

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Turning Up The Heat

Hello friends! I want to apologize for my long absence. I have recently been overseas with extremely limited access to electricity and the Internet. It was a wonderful trip and … (read article)

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I grew up on a farm in SE Missouri in the 1940s. Even when Dad was still farming with horses and mules, he planted on raised rows about 6 inches … (read article)

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When Something Goes Wrong In The Garden

My spring vegetable garden was doing very nicely. The tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers, all planted in containers, were growing taller each day. The plants were green, pretty, and … (read article)

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My mentor in psychology is Viktor Frankl, the German prison camp survivor, who wrote, MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING. He describes three kinds of values that give life meaning. The creative … (read article)

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I grew up eating molasses mixed with butter on toast or biscuits. My grandmother made “Egg Butter” by mixing molasses, egg, cinnamon, and butter in a skillet, cooking it until … (read article)

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More Than a Pretty Face: Flowers in the Edible Garden

By now, I’m sure you all have realized that I am a huge fan of growing food in whatever space is available. As the saying goes, #growfoodnotlawns. But if you … (read article)

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Life is made up of linear thinking where decisions are either this way or that way, and circular both/and thinking where the cause is the effect and the effect is … (read article)

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Gardener

Since moving to Rockport, Texas to join Spray-N-Grow full time, I have gardened at three different homes. The first two were traditional homes with massive live oak trees in the … (read article)

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Developing mastery skills with hand tools is important whether it is carpentry, mechanics, plumbing and/or gardening. These skills provided me with a sense of usefulness, competence, independence, and affirmation of … (read article)

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The Gardener as Artist

Something I have always loved about gardening is the cultivation of a unique garden style. The potential combinations of individual elements are infinite, and none of them is inherently wrong. … (read article)

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How to Build a One Plant Cucumber Trellis

I love our Elevated Garden Planters and have two on my patio. The 22” tall bed has three peppers, two oregano plants and marigolds (to discourage bugs from eating my … (read article)

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Why am I an Organic Gardener?

Organic Gardening is not only something I have been doing for the past 32 years, it is part of my Identity. Organic Gardening provides a significant perspective to my meaning … (read article)

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What Are The Organic Fertilizers That I Use?

During the 33 years that I have been an Organic Gardener, the cost of obtaining various organic fertilizers has increased. The price of chemical fertilizers has also increased. Using organic … (read article)

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The Gardening Tip I Learned From My Oregano Plant

I planted my fall tomatoes in early November. It was very, very late to plant them but the fall was brutally hot, especially in October. I added some Greek and … (read article)

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I planted my tomato seeds under the grow light the week after Christmas here in Rockport, Texas. I planted the plants in the garden during the first week in February … (read article)

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You Can Garden Anywhere

Welcome to my gardening Blog. I am Melanie Lyon, Bill’s oldest daughter. There isn’t a time in my life that I don’t remember gardening with someone in my family. Of … (read article)

3/6/2017    Starting Out

A New Leaf

Spring is in the air! I know that winter hasn’t let up for everyone just yet, but here in Central Texas, the trees are budding out, the wildflowers are popping … (read article)

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Sheet Composting: My Introduction to Organic Gardening

I am a 75 year old retired Pastoral Counselor. My avocation for the past 33 years has been ‘organic gardening’. However, I was introduced to organic gardening at age 6. … (read article)

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Welcome to My Little Corner of the (New) World

Hello, my gardening friends! My name is Allyson. I am the second-youngest granddaughter of Mr. Bill, Spray-N-Grow’s own creative, caring, and, if I may say, rather clever founder. I am … (read article)

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Keeping Cats Out of Your Garden

Cats in the garden are generally not a good thing. They are less likely than dogs to flop on plants, crushing them. And much more likely to use the garden … (read article)

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Protect Your Roses from Black Spot Disease

Black Spot is a fungal disease that attacks roses in many parts of the United States, targeting young leaves and newer canes. Here are some tips to limit this problem … (read article)

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Creating Healthy Soil (the Secret to All Great Landscapes)

Cooperative Extension, with it’s helpful group of regional garden experts associated with universities across the county, believes that 80% of plant problems can be traced back to soil that “limits … (read article)

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Cloning Rose Bushes 101

Perhaps your mother was a great gardener or maybe she just had success with that one gorgeous rose along the back fence. Either way the plant was amazing. Healthy, vigorous, … (read article)

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Got Aphids?

Aphids are one of the most common destructive insects around. Safe to say, most gardeners have crossed paths with these little troublesome critters at one time or another. Aphids are small, … (read article)

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Exactly What Is Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient Complex?

We always say “It’s Like Vitamins for Your Plants!” So what does that really mean? Are you curious what’s in Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient Complex that makes it so effective? Curiosity is … (read article)

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Set Yourself Up For Success!

For most of us, thoughts about this year’s garden leapfrog to “What exciting new varieties will I grow?” Wait, wait! Close your eyes. Think about the best gardener you know. The … (read article)

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Grow a Cutting Garden and Become Your Own Florist

Ever feel guilty when you cut flowers in your garden, concerned that you’re destroying nature’s beauty or leaving gaps in your flowerbeds? Then consider planting a cutting garden designed to … (read article)

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Making Rich, Clean Compost

Simple Composting Concepts and Considerations Seasoned gardeners often refer to compost as “black gold” because the value of good quality compost is huge. Wherever you live, compost can improve your … (read article)

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Plant Nutrients: Why Foliar Feeding is the Way to Go

The most common method of providing nutrients to plants is through the roots. This is done by placing nutrients in the soil at the base of the plant or through … (read article)

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Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer: Premium Ingredients = Amazing Results

Grass needs good nutrition for proper growth, to be green and healthy.  Grass requires three macronutrients:  nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these nutrients plays an important role in plant … (read article)

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Calcium: Essential for Bountiful Garden Harvests

As plants grow, they develop new cells with sturdy little walls that define the boundaries of that cell, corral its contents and separate it from its neighbors. Roots, stems, leaves … (read article)

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Love that Fragrant Lilac? Clone More.

Cloning Plants Is Easy, Economical and Preserves Horticultural History Our friend owns an historic home, a lovely place that’s over 100 years old. The landscape is well established and the … (read article)

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Purge Slimy Slugs and Snails from Your Landscape

Holes in your plants’ foliage? Leaves that were full and healthy yesterday, and are gone now? Yes, this could be the work of snails or slugs (shell-less snails), those always … (read article)

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Snakes! Eeeeek! Go Away!

Snakes give most people the creeps. It’s a fact. Fear of snakes tops the “fears” list in the U.S. and is far more wide spread than other common phobias such … (read article)

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How to Drive Destructive Squirrels Out of Your Yard

The very things that make squirrels entertaining – their high energy levels, persistence and engaging acrobatics – are the same ones that can sometimes become so annoying. This is especially … (read article)

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Rid Your Garden of Ravenous Rabbits, Naturally

Hop, munch.  Hop, munch, munch.  Good heavens, they’re everywhere! Funny how your yard tends to have no rabbits and then seemingly overnight there are two, three, four or more. Okay, … (read article)

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Keep Deer from Devouring Your Yard!

They’re big. They’re hungry. And they can eat an amazing volume in a few hours.  And to compound the potential landscape damage, deer usually travel in groups, from two to … (read article)

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Deciphering the Mysteries of Natural Animal Repellents

For all wild animals, staying safe is life’s number one priority. Should you become lunch nothing else matters. Many natural animal repellents work because of this basic survival instinct. When in … (read article)

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Avoid This Oh-So-Common Garden Disaster

The phone calls come in every year and they break our hearts . . . An eager gardener – novice or seasoned – has accidentally used a sprayer, one that … (read article)

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5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Garden Sprayer

Many garden products come in a liquid form that is sprayed directly on plant leaves and stems. Before you buy a garden sprayer, consider your own individual needs and anticipated … (read article)

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Howard Garrett’s View on Weeds

Howard Garrett is one of Spray-N-Grow’s favorite gardening authorities because of his common sense approach to natural gardening. Garrett is a nationally syndicated  radio talk show host with a gardening program called … (read article)

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Animal Repellents 101

Q: What has four legs, chews up your garden, then tries to act all cute and furry? A: Deer and rabbits and other furry, not so helpful animals.   That’s right, Bambi … (read article)

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10 Signs Your Plants Have Fungus (What?!)

Say “fungus” when talking about gardening and many people will give you a puzzled look. However, use other, often more familiar terms, and eyes light up. Fungi include the following array … (read article)

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Spray-N-Grow Makes Me Feel Happy, by Derek Fell

Though I have written more than 50 books on all aspects of gardening, it is vegetable gardening that is closest to my heart. In recent years several products have helped … (read article)

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A Day-to-Day Checklist for Your Summer Garden, by Yvonne Savio

When much of your summer garden is planted, you’ll be tempted to just settle back into a lawn chair under an umbrella overlooking your vast garden acreage (or tiny patio), … (read article)

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My Choice – The Natural Way, by Bill Muskopf

Over the past few years I’ve become more convinced than ever that our food supply is contaminated by too many hormones, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. A three day, “Sustainable Tree … (read article)

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There’s a Monster in the Garden (hopefully)

There’s a select group of gardeners who have a deep seated desire to grow big vegetables, fruits and flowers. Okay, maybe “big” isn’t the right word. Giant. Monster-size. A number of award winning … (read article)

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Flower Power, by Duane Campbell

There is a breed of gardener, much in evidence these days that believes less is more. They disdain any plant that flowers for more than three days a year or … (read article)

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Add an Outdoor Room to Your Living Space

Ever notice how when people see a beautiful garden they want to stop, breathe in the fragrance, admire the vivid colors and linger a while? You can make the beauty … (read article)

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10 Tips for Great Gardens

Checklists can be so helpful, allowing one to keep track without having to recall seemingly endless details. Here’s our list of basics to review now and then to help your garden … (read article)

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Making Gardening a Family Affair

If you clicked on this article, you already know that gardening is fun and rewarding. Share the experience with your family! In addition to being enjoyable and productive, gardening is … (read article)

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Are Destructive Bugs Attacking Your Plants?

Something’s going on and your plants don’t look happy. Here are some clues to help determine if damaging insects are at work in your garden.   Signs Your Plants May … (read article)

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Garden Insects: Identifying the Bad Bugs

Scientists estimate that 97% of the world’s insects are either beneficial or harmless. Does is seem as though your garden attracts only the remaining 3%, the ones that are destructive? … (read article)

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Dress Your Soil for Summer (Naked Isn’t Good)

By the time summer arrives, your plants are already settled in the ground, happily growing. So gardeners often think “That’s it. I’ll have to wait until next spring to help beef … (read article)

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Tips for Repotting Your Houseplant

When your plant’s roots fill its container and begin growing out the bottom – it’s time to repot and provide more growing space. If you’re wondering what size the new … (read article)

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Use Different Fertilizers for Different Plants – Fact or Fiction?

We get lots of phone calls from customers asking about fertilizers. Here are a trio that surface again and again, identified as Fact or Fiction.   Fiction – Orchids and African … (read article)

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Use Fertilizer and Spray-N-Grow Together

Many gardeners who buy Spray-N-Grow for the first time think that it’s a fertilizer. Spray-N-Grow is not a fertilizer. Spray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex. It contains the minor elements or micronutrients required by plants … (read article)

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Fighting Plant Diseases in the Garden

Strong, healthy plants are less susceptible to disease. To keep your plants healthy, take care of the basics first; this will make everything easier. You know, “An ounce of prevention. … (read article)

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Healthy Plants Begin with Healthy Soil

If you were trapped with insufficient food and water, could you be your best? How about if there was little light, dusty stale air and not enough room to grow? … (read article)

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Why Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is Perfect for All Your Plants

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is an all-natural, fish based fertilizer, formulated by Spray-N-Grow founder Bill Muskopf and horticulturalist Jack Little, for use with Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients. Bill and Jack formulated Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer so that home gardeners would … (read article)

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How To Tell When to Fertilize

Just like us, plants need nutrients. Give them good nutrition – fertilizer (plant food) and supplemental Spray-N-Grow (plant vitamins) – and they’ll grow and thrive. It’s estimated that less than 50% of … (read article)

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Watering: How Much and When? (most folks get the basics wrong . . .)

Improper watering is the top cause of plant stress and the number killer of houseplants. Water needs vary dramatically depending on the type of plant, soil and location. Weather factors … (read article)

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Wetting Agents Save Time, Energy and Money in the Garden

Wetting agents, surfactants, spreader stickers – what are they? Gardeners who use liquid products are often troubled when their sprays rolls right off the leaf surfaces. Waxy-leafed plants are especially … (read article)

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Fungus Loves Water (no, this isn’t a romance story)

During the summer months, we see a significant bump in the number of gardeners who call with concerns that their plants have fungus.  Our problem solving starts with three questions: What time of day … (read article)

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Tips for Beautiful Water-Wise Gardens

Saving water and enjoying the environmental benefits of low water plants is easy. This thoughtful approach is built on some basic, commonsense principles.   Planning Talk to the professionals at … (read article)

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Natural Flea and Tick Protection That’s Safe for Your Pet (and Your Family)

Does your cat or dog spends time outdoors?  Then flea and tick control may be part of your usual summer routine.  Perhaps an unwelcome part. Fleas and ticks are parasites … (read article)

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Neem Oil – A Safe, Organic (and Amazing) Product for Gardeners

If you’ve gardened for a while odds are good you’ve heard of neem oil. Turns out it’s one of a handful of products that belongs in every successful gardener’s tool … (read article)

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Garden Season Extenders – Start Earlier and Grow Later

Live in an area with a short growing season? Want to stretch your outdoor gardening for as many weeks as possible? A number of options exist for extending the gardening … (read article)

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