• 600x600


Easy to store, stackable

Absorbs 5 times its weight in water

Retains water so you don't have to water so often


Gro Brics are better than peat!

For a lightweight, more environmentally friendly alternative to bags of peat, use Spray-N-Grow Gro-Brics. Made from natural, renewable ground coconut husks, they are perfect to mix with soil, compost or loam in gardens and containers.

Gro-Brics absorb five to seven times their weight in water. This water retention means you can water less often. Gro-Brics also improve oxygen capacity of soil to support stronger root growth. While peat tends to be acidic, Gro-Brics have a neutral pH for use with all plants. Easy to carry; stack to store. (3 brics make 1 cubic foot; 6 brics make 2 cubic feet; 12 brics make 4 cubic feet)


1 Gro-bric...........$5.95 each
3 Gro-brics.........$4.65 each
6 Gro-brics.........$4.15 each
12 Gro-brics.......$3.74 each


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