Gopher Scram 3.5 lb. jug

Gopher Scram 3.5 lb. jug

Make gophers scram

Gophers destroy gardeners’ hard work with ugly, crescent-shaped mounds. Dual action Gopher Scram makes gophers’ food taste bad and their tunnels smell undesirable, driving them away. Made with ground peanut hulls coated with castor, clove and other essential oils. Sprinkle and water to activate. Organic, environmentally safe, biodegradable. 100% guaranteed. Granular. Made in U.S.A. (covers 2,100 sq. ft.)


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  • Stop gophers from feeding on your ornamental plants
  • Unique organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power
  • More effective and less expensive to use than other repellents
  • Safe for pets